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    ABIC and IBIC Applaud President Biden for Repealing the Muslim Ban


    ABIC and IBIC Applaud President Biden for Repealing the Muslim Ban 

    CHICAGO, IL — The American Business Immigration Coaltion and the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition applaud President Biden’s decision to repeal the divisive policies of President Trump — starting with the repeal of the “Muslim Ban” on Inauguration Day. On January 27, 2017 then President Trump signed an Executive Order that banned foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries in what became known as the Muslim Travel Ban. At the time, thousands of American (many non-Muslim) demonstrated at airports around the United States, uniting against the policies.

    “President Trump has attempted to govern through division and hate — starting with the Muslim Travel ban. He created policies that did little to protect our country, but fostered an anti-immigrant, anti-muslim sentiment that weakened our economy and national security,” said Sam Scott, ABIC Co-Chair and Ingredion Incorporated CEO (retired), “We thank President Biden for taking a stance on removing these polices and starting the path towards bringing our country together.” 

    “The 2020 election results, told us what we already know, that the country is tired of division, of extremism that seeks to divide neighbors from neighbors, and of the blame game. What we really want are leaders who will work together to pass bipartisan solutions that will help to grow our economy, and ensure that the United States of America remains globally competitive and prosperous. We thank President Biden for taking this first step by removing the travel ban and look forward to working with Congress and the President on additional steps we can take to prioritize immigration reform,” said John Atkinson, Willis Towers Watson Group Managing Director, and IBIC Steering Committee Member

    “We welcome the Biden’s administration reversal of the Muslim ban. Keeping the door open for immigrants and refugees, from all backgrounds and faiths, is an American value that we should all nurture. American Muslims are part of the American fabric. They are among the frontline healthcare workers who have been fighting the COVID pandemic, the law enforcement workers who are protecting our neighborhoods, the engineers who are building our cities, the teachers who are educating our children and the business owners who are keeping our economy going. They are our neighbors,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, President of MedGlobal and IBIC Steering COmmittee Member. “Trump’s Muslim ban prevented thousands of Syrian refugees and Yemeni victims of war in the midst of a global refugee crisis from seeking better future for their families in the land of opportunity.  It is a good day for America and for the world that we are reclaiming some of our lost moral leadership. Thank you President Biden.”

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