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Access to Justice

Business, Community and Faith Leaders Applaud the Illinois General Assembly and Governor J.B. Pritzker for including the “Illinois Access to Justice Program” in a bipartisan FY 2020 State Budget

Thanks to the leadership of House Chief sponsors Leaders Fred Crespo, Art Turner and Emanuel Chris Welch, and Senate Chief Sponsors Leaders Kim Lightford and Senator Omar Aquino, the Access to Justice program will address the needs of the most vulnerable people in our state – the destruction of families through deportation and mass incarceration, while supporting employers and growing Illinois economy by connecting individuals to family sustaining employment. This effort enjoys the support of over 200 endorsing faith, community, civil rights, immigrant, and business organizations, and has built strong alliances between communities of color in Illinois. IBIC also thanks Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, Majority Leader Greg Harris, Minority Leaders Jim Durkin and Bill Brady for their bipartisan support for this commonsense community-based legal aid, navigation and jobs program.

The Access to Justice program directs funds towards holistic legal and support assistance for Illinois’ marginalized communities, the most vulnerable people in our state, immigrants facing deportation and the formerly incarcerated working to reintegrate into their families, communities, and workforce. Access to Justice will strengthen the existing infrastructure of community-based legal aid organizations and community organizations by providing the funding they need to hire and retain talented attorneys or train community navigators. The Access to Justice program has built strong alliances between communities of color.

State Representative Fred Crespo, 44th Representative District “I started this initiative with the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition because one of biggest issues facing black and brown communities is lack of access to employment. This program will reduce barriers to jobs in a fiscally responsible way by matching funds in a one-to-one partnership with organizations like the Westside Justice Center and The Resurrection Project. Our communities have long suffered the consequences of divestment, so it is up to us to undo the errors of the past. This partnership will allow us to reinvest in our families and expand access to the services they need to move up the socioeconomic ladder.”

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