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Illinois Law Enforcement Urge Governor Rauner to Approve TRUST Act to Strengthen Public Safety

Rebecca Shi

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS– Multiple Illinois law enforcement officials including Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, Melrose Park Chief of Police Sam C Pitassi, Stone Park Chief of Police Christopher P. Pavini, Franklin Park Chief of Police Michael Witz, Elgin Chief of Police Jeffrey Swoboda, Chicago Heights Chief of Police Tom Rogers, Berwyn Chief of Police Michael D. Cimaglia and Elmwood Park Chief of Police Frank Fagiano sent a letter to urge Governor Rauner to approve Illinois Trust Act SB 31 to make public safety easier to achieve. Law enforcement officials join Illinois employers HERE, faith leaders HERE, Latino and Asian entrepreneurs to support the TRUST Act.

Law Enforcement Letter for Trust Act SB 31

August 17, 2017
Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706

Dear Governor Bruce Rauner,

As law enforcement officials, we support and ask you to approve TRUST ACT SB 31. TRUST ACT SB 31 is a sensible policy to effectively devote our time and taxpayers’ money going after true threats to public safety and security and not wasting limited resources apprehending and removing immigrants who are merely seeking to work or reunite with family.

SB 31 is not "sanctuary" bill because it explicitly allows communications between local police and federal agents. SB 31 is compliant with federal statutes.

SB 31 will strengthen our collective public safety. Going after hardworking immigrants has adverse effects that go beyond straining our budgets and manpower.

We have spent years developing relationships of trust with our immigrant communities. We need everyone in the community, no matter where they were born, to feel comfortable calling on first responders in an emergency, including when they are a victim or witness of crime.

Fears that law enforcement and immigration enforcement are one and the same have a chilling effect on reports of crime among minority communities. Already this year, some police chiefs have reported that members of the Hispanic community are calling in fewer reports of rapes, even though reports otherwise have not decreased.

SB 31 TRUST Act will help with this very real concern. None of us wants rapists or other criminals to get away with crime. Discouraging victims and witnesses of crime from coming forward makes our jobs harder and does not make you safer.

As law enforcement leaders, we applaud bipartisan legislators from Illinois’s General Assembly for passing SB 31. We ask the Governor to approve this legislation to make community safety easier for us to achieve, not harder.


Source: Rebecca Shi Posted in Press Releases


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