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ABIC Statement on SCOTUS Hearing on Termination of DACA Program

Losing the contributions of DACA recipients would cost the U.S. economy $351 billion, and immeasurable losses in business and medical innovation.

Protecting Youth From Deportations

112 CEOs from Illinois, Florida and Colorado Back BRIDGE Act

A growing list of business and civic leaders from Illinois, Florida and Colorado are calling on President Trump and Congressional leaders to support the bipartisan BRIDGE Act to protect undocumented youth from deportations. In a letter organized by the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition, 112 CEOs and employers call for the protection of DREAMers from deportations […]

IBIC Applauds Public Reports that Gov. Rauner Will Sign TRUST Act SB 31

Chicago, Illinois – Today Governor Rauner notified the media that he will sign SB 31 Illinois Trust Act into law on Monday August 28, 2017. Illinois Business Immigration Coalition applauds public reports that Governor Bruce Rauner will approve SB 31 “TRUST ACT” to strengthen trust between police and immigrant community while growing the Illinois economy. […]

Why Trust Act Sb 31 Immigration Bill Is “Very Reasonable”

Learn why Trust Act SB 31 is a good step forward for Illinois

Open Letter From Illinois Business And Civic Leaders

Dear Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation, As business and civic leaders in Illinois, we are writing to urge you to co-sponsor the DREAM, the RAC or both immediately. And if you have, we thank you. In less than five months, DACA will end and some 800,000 DACA recipients will lose their work permits – […]

IBIC Statement on White House Immigration Principles

CHICAGO, IL — On Sunday, October 8, the White House sent a list of principles for immigration enforcement to Congress in exchange for a legislative solution to DACA. The extensive list of principles includes funding for a southern border wall, a merit-based immigration system with deep cuts to visas for family members, mandatory E-Verify, and […]

Protect 800,000 DACA Recipients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1, 2017 Chicago: Rebecca Shi 312-576-8032 | Ivette Moratoya 773-616-6115 | Washington DC: Miami: Wendi Adelson 954-803-0079 | Chicago, Illinois– Today, over 300 U.S. business leaders joined chief executives of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, General Motors, Starbucks in an open letter urging President Donald Trump to preserve […]

IBIC Applauds Gov. Rauner Signing TRUST Act SB31

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 28, 2017 Rebecca Shi | 312-576-8032 | Chicago, Illinois – Today Governor Rauner signed SB 31 Illinois Trust Act into law on Monday August 28, 2017. Illinois Business Immigration Coalition applauds Governor BRUCE RAUNER for approving SB 31 “TRUST ACT” to strengthen trust between police and immigrant community and grow […]

Illinois Law Enforcement Urge Governor Rauner to Approve TRUST Act to Strengthen Public Safety

SB 31 will strengthen our collective public safety. Going after hardworking immigrants has adverse effects that go beyond straining our budgets and manpower.

170 Illinois employers encourage Governor Rauner to sign the Trust Act

The Trust Act would assure our immigrant workforce that they are welcomed in Illinois, and help ensure that agriculture, green industries, hospitality, manufacturers, and healthcare industries have adequate workforce to support job growth in Illinois. We encourage you to sign the Illinois Trust Act – SB31. It is economically important, morally right, politically smart and […]

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IL RISE Act Allows Undocumented & Transgender College Students to Access MAP Grants and Other State Aid

As DACA reaches the Supreme Court, Congress must keep the American Dream alive for new generations of immigrants

The cost to the U.S. economy of ending DACA and deporting its beneficiaries would be $280 billion over the next 10 years.

by Lester Crown

Business Leaders Support BRIDGE

CRAIN'S Chicago Business

EDITORIAL: Trump’s Immigration Chance

The Wall Street Journal

Graham, Durbin re-introduce bill to protect DREAMers

The Hill

Empresarios crean coalición pro-inmigrante

Sowing Conscience Among Confusion on Immigration Mess

We must be prudent about our security and decent to residents and refugees at the same time.

by John Rowe

‘Dreamers’ are good for my company

and good for Illinois

As we have invested in DACA recipients through the schools and opportunities available in the U.S., they are in turn investing in our country.

by Martin P. Slark

Illinois hospitality industry needs the work ethic immigrants bring to the job

The men and women who serve us should be given the chance to continue contributing to our industry, our communities and our economy.

by Sam Toia

We’ll Never Solve Immigration If We Don’t Solve Climate Change

Central America’s “dry corridor” is highly vulnerable to drought.

by Penny Pritzker
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